September 2014

Bowral Tulip Time Street March. 20th September

The band marched in the street parade in its smart new dress colours, white shirts, red ties, black sox, new glengarries with black pompoms and new McDuff badges and kilt pins.

It was quite a step with Chris and Karen carryingthe strength of the pipers, and the drummers followed up with a strong regular beat, in spite of not having a base drummer.

Sarah, Hannah and Ally had their first outing on show, and acquitted themselves well .

The   day was coolish but bright and sunny with a big crowd along Bong Bong St. Their applause was generous and great for our small band.Most of us were glad to reach the top of the hill.

The Highland News featured the band in their photo coverage of the event.

Piping and drumming Workshop, Canberra Burns Club, 26-28th September.

Karen Webb and Chris Tabram attended the Workshop, along with pipers and drummers from a number of bands, plus a group of well known pipers and drummers as tutors.

Bunnings sausage Sizzzle 15 November.

A Good day  for sales, managed all stock plus getting more. Annette Webb did her stalwart job of maintaining supplies (and counting the income – which was good for the day. We also met Ian Dalgleish who had just come up from the Illawarra region to live in Moss Vale. He later joined us as a piper. Welcome Ian.

Glenquary Music Evening 21st November

A small group of the band players assembled at the picturesque Glenquarry Hall to play a selection of band tunes for the local arts and music group.Chris introduced the gathering to the mysteries of the bagpipe and with Karen played solo and duet  tunes. Hannah, Ally and Sarah played a setting on the practice chanters , showing the beginning of playing pipes.  Dane and Graeme played duet tunes with Karen and then all finished off with the Cup Song and marched out to Scotland the Brave.

New Bishop in Moss Vale , November

In recognition of his inauguration as Bishop of Bathurst and Goulburn,  ex piper  Colin MacBeth – Green was piped into Church at St Pauls Moss Vale. The pipers and drummers were lead by Chris Tabram and Karen Webb. After the service, Bishop MacBeth-Green took up the pipes and straight off played a selection of tunes . The band was invited to tea in the hall as guests of the parishoners.

Christmas gathering at Robertson, 20th December

Chris and Karen hosted a get together of band members at the farm at Robertson. highlight of the day was the piping in of the Haggis , an excellent lunch put together by Annette Webb, and followed by the apple in the bucket competition, won by Sarah.


January 26 Australia Day.

Well attended by all players. Early performance at Picton, plus leading the dignatories into the service area. Then the Berrimah for the street march. The weather had warmed up , but the band managed to reach the end of the road, still playing , thanks to Chris and Karen and the drummers , albeit a little worse for wear.

February 15, Bundanoon, Kangaroo March Rehearsal.

Good turnout for the band players. Marched twice around the block for the cameras , good turnout by the locals , dressed for the 1916 era. lots of “Waltzing Matilda” until finish off with 4x4s. The subsequent filming was shown on TV ,

March 22 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Another busy day , regulars turned out to assist, but good return for the day.

April 25 Anzac Day, Dawn Service and Main Service, 100th year.

Cool to cold morning 5deg. Smaller  player group for Dawn service, cold affected  some of the pipers , reeds wouldn’t do as required. But all went off ok. Good crowd as usual. Main service , all players present, band lead off ahead of Air League and Navy detachment. Warmer air allowed full playing all the way. In Both Services , Chris played the Lament, “Flowers of the Forest” , from the balcony of the Mittagong Hotel, but was almost blinded by a strong spotlight – ok in the dark ,but not good on his eyes- “like a rabbit in the headlights”.

At the RSL Club, the band played a short recital for the RSL Sub Branch members, who were generous in the support for the band.

Unfortuneately, following AnzacDay, the band lost the services of the Coulter Family , who decided due to family , school, distance and other commitments, to take an extended leave of absence. A decision to be made about return at a later date. We hope to see them back in the future. Ben Coulter decided to stay on , thankyou Ben.

May 23, Berry Celtic Festival

Cold morning , early start, Street March , smaller band group . Weather warmed up . Massed band Parade followed by individual performances (11 am) , the final massed Bands , a bit late at 4.30pm , just as the cool air came in again.

June , July August

No formal functions , but players as available did some small practice performances in local parks, Alexandra Park and Ironmines Park Mittagong, Berrimah Park. This latter was interesting , a day after the snowfall on July 17th , snowmen, and icicles on roof of shelter, didn’t help the playing of pipes, but bystanders enjoyed it.

September, October , November, December

Workshop was lightly attended , but pipers got very good instruction and teaching from Tam McGirr and Garry Barker.

December saw the band perform a short recital for the Mittagong RSL Sub Branch people . Combined band, duet and solo performances well received.

This years Hatched and Matched . Michael and Alecya Griffitths quietly formalised their nuptial and didn’t tell us until late in the year. Dane and Shannon Taylor brought their new daughter Scarlet into the world – nice Christamas present. Congratulations to all.


Bunnings BBQ on 9 January, went well , all the regulars turned up , and we made a good return on the day.

Australia Day , 26 January, band played at Picton and then the street march at Berrimah. Coolish day fortuneately, and all made it to the end of the  road. Its a bit of a puff for some.